Meynell Sundance Jack Russell Terriers

In the heart of Derbyshire

Welcome to Meynell Sundance Jack Russell Terriers

Nurturing champions of Best in Show and esteemed performers in both conformation and performance disciplines since 1973. Anchored at Aston Farm, our commitment extends across the globe, ensuring the finest lineage of Jack Russell Terriers.

"Jack Russells are tough, rambunctious and highly intelligent dogs–if able to push the limit of affection with their characters"

Greg Mouseley – Renowned Meynell Sundance Breeder of 50 years

About Us

We are a Meynell Sundance family, first and foremost. We’ve dedicated our lives to the breed, its preservation, and advancement.

Learn More about Jack Russell Terriers

Explore further about our exceptional breed, its rich history, and more through our parent club, Jack Russell Terrier Club of Great Britain
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